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Khomsan Phiphitsala • personal trainer
mobile: +420 732 943 450


Much of my training focuses on proper technique. Many of my clients have a desire to learn proper technique in order to improve their Thai boxing.

A typical private training session would begin with warming up and stretching. Followed by some basic shadow boxing to get the muscles working. After that we usually do a lot of focus training. This is where you begin to learn the techniques and start to hit focus pads with them. From there we can move on to more physical conditioning. This can happen on the heavy bags or by using other techniques like plyometrics to stay active and start to develop the muscles needed to increase the power in your techniques. Depending on the student's level and their desires we can also move onto light sparring so that you can use the techniques you're learning in a real situation. Even though I can do my best to describe the training sessions, the best thing is for you to come and give it a try for yourself!

All of the training that you will do with me will not only improve your overall fitness level but it will also develop confidence in your techniques and how you use them. After a few training sessions with me you will see and feel a noticeable improvement in your level of techniques as well as how you look in the mirror.

I am available for training at a variety of locations, I am also available to come to you for the ultimate experience in private training! If you have another place available for training then we can make different arrangements.

I can also give you an authentic Thai boxing massage before or after your training! This is a traditional massage done for fighters and trainers in Thailand that helps your muscles heal and prepare them for the training.

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